Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Making of Paragalis

This tutorial will cover the workflow for 3d modeling, 3d sculpting, retopo / optimizing, UV’s, normal map generation, light map generation, and texturing.

The Creature Summary: Paragalis is literally a walking parasite that’s approximately the size of a large dog from tentacle tip to tale. The creature is an ambush predator who catches its prey with a tongue that can extend to twice the size of its body. Paragalis’s tentacle like mouth contains rows of teeth for gripping its prey, with a barb at the end its tongue that injects toxic venom! Once the prey has been caught its then quickly digested with its remains excreted from the creatures back hump in a gassy form.

The Specs: Lowpoly model / 7,000 triangles, Textures / 2024x2024 / diffuse, spec, normal
Tools: 3ds max 8 / 9, Photoshop, Mudbox, Zbrush 3.1, Crazybump, Polyboost

Making of Paragalis

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Gayathri said...

Good tutorial. The instructions shared through this tutorial is simply well explained.
One of my friend is a graphics designer, she make a character model for me. Like the tutorial. Keep blogging. Thanks.