Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clock tutorial by Oellas

In this tutorial the author will show us a few tips to create a clock in 3d max and render it with Fryrender. Then he will show us how to apply fry materials and how to make the light setup. Finally, he will show us how to work with the tonemapping and layer blending controls.

The Making of Rage over Babylon

This tutorial will covers the major points of producing this image, starting with the planning and covering the modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting and compossiting.

Making of Paragalis

This tutorial will cover the workflow for 3d modeling, 3d sculpting, retopo / optimizing, UV’s, normal map generation, light map generation, and texturing.

The Creature Summary: Paragalis is literally a walking parasite that’s approximately the size of a large dog from tentacle tip to tale. The creature is an ambush predator who catches its prey with a tongue that can extend to twice the size of its body. Paragalis’s tentacle like mouth contains rows of teeth for gripping its prey, with a barb at the end its tongue that injects toxic venom! Once the prey has been caught its then quickly digested with its remains excreted from the creatures back hump in a gassy form.

The Specs: Lowpoly model / 7,000 triangles, Textures / 2024x2024 / diffuse, spec, normal
Tools: 3ds max 8 / 9, Photoshop, Mudbox, Zbrush 3.1, Crazybump, Polyboost

Making of Paragalis